R  O  G  E  R    S  U  C  K  L  I  N  G

Statement, links and bio

Roger Suckling’s work is based around themes of location/place/ and autobiography/identity, using photography and moving image to explore place and time, to map a visual account of both the present and the past. A process of revisiting and recording significant locations is combined with a contemporary documentation of the everyday, offering a reinterpretation with new meanings and connections that attempts to make a universal image beyond the personal.
He has contributed to Film Free and Easy, an artist led group that stages events offering a platform for artists’ film, video, performance and installation work.
His practice is informed by working in collaboration with other artists.
He has worked in community/participatory arts, further and higher education and in freelance media production.
Roger Suckling is based in Nottingham, England and has a studio at Primary.

Exhibitions / Collaborations

Artists Meet | Being Present Sharing Event. Primary, Nottingham, UK. 14 December 2023. Primary
Exhibition Being Present. Artists Meet collaboration project. Bethlem Gallery, London. 31 January - 13 May 2023. Being Present.
Documentation. Something Amazing Will Happen. Rachel Jacobs and Frank Abbott
Launch Party, video, collaboration with Titus Davies. Cove Park

Exchange 2. Collaboration with Sylvia Waltering.
Documentation. When This Tree Blossoms. Rachel Jacobs and Frank Abbott

Self Portraits, Looking Back to 1981. Exhibition, New Art  Exchange, Nottingham                 
Collaboration. Artist Meets. Bethlem Gallery/Primary,with Courtney.

Documentation Pete Ellis. Yes, Transfixing. Light Night, Nottingham

Leicester Print Workshop. Film Free and Easy event                
Collaboration. Expanded Studio Project. Belfast/Nottingham, with Gerard Carson. Exhibition PS2, Belfast.
Documentation Belen Cerezo, residency The Collection, Lincoln
Documentation. Pete Ellis,3 Trugs from Wilkos. Light Night Nottingham.
Radical Film Network conference. Workshop. University of Nottingham
Documentation. Rewilding. Performance by Frank Abbott at Back to Base, Film Free and Easy event

Documentation. The making of "When this tree blossoms ..." Project by Rachel Jacobs and Frank Abbott

WALL. Everything Flows, exhibition, Millennium Gallery, Sheffield

Work shown at Film Free and Easy events.
Primary, Nottingham,
Leicester Print Workshop, Leicester
Waddington, Lincolnshire
Derby. Furthest from the Sea

Self. Solo exhibition and lecture. College of Fine Arts, COFA, Sydney, Australia.

Parade, Out of Place. Curated group exhibition, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham.

Walk to Work. Solo exhibition, Surface Gallery, Nottingham,

Space/Self. Solo exhibition and lecture, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

2009 on 

Individual and collaborative art practice                                         
University of Lincoln, Senior Academic, Principal Lecturer, Senior Lecturer
De Montfort University, Head of Studies, Senior Lecturer, Lecturer
Lincoln School of Art and Design, PT Lecturer
Freelance work, Photography, Video, Consultancy
Part Time Teaching.
Nottingham Trent University, BAHons Creative Arts.
Derbyshire College of Higher Education BAHons Creative Film.
Nottingham College of Performing Arts
Short course teaching programme. AVEK, Finland
Intermedia Film and Video Nottingham, Workshop Director.
Nottingham Video Project, Workshop Director.
Nottingham Community Arts Centre, Project Manager and Photographic Arts development.

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