R  O  G  E  R    S  U  C  K  L  I  N  G


Artist Meets 2021/24

Haptic Identity
2m 52s

This video was produced as a response to the shared theme of “Identity”. Shown at final event at Primary Nottingham, 14 December 2023
Being Present

Bethlem Gallery 1 February  – 13 May 2023Being Present is a group exhibition and event presenting work by artists from Bethlem Gallery, London and Primary, Nottingham.
During the Covid-19 pandemic and spanning various lockdowns, exhibiting artists participated in Artist Meets, an artist-to-artist support programme which saw artists from Bethlem Gallery and Primary paired based on their shared interests or approaches to art production. The project provided an opportunity for artists navigating varying levels of isolation and living in different areas of the country to connect. The project grew as artist pairs continued to meet online, exchanging work by post, MS Teams and email, working together to navigate a practice of remote collaboration. 

The exhibition will show some of the work produced by the artist pairs over a 2-year period and will explore what it means to be present and the nature and practice of collaboration.

With artists:
Frank Abbott & Mr X
Michelle Baharier & Chris Lewis-Jones
Courtney & Roger Suckling
Fatma Durmush & Jo Wheeler
Download the Being Present press release:

Exchange 2 Project 2022
With Sylvia Waltering. 


Walk 2

Windy Knoll
THE EXCHANGE 2 is the second iteration of a project connecting artists and creative practitioners across the UK. Bridging the gap created by limited movement and opportunity to network The Exchange aims to create new exchanges and friendships between artists that wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect. This open-ended process has no limits or boundaries but is simply framed by the invitation to begin a conversation.


Spotlight: Artists and Sustainability - Sylvia Waltering and Roger Suckling

Walk 1

Cork Stone Looking Out
1m 03s

Expanded Studio Project 2019

Belfast Walls
Single channel video
3min 08sec

Peace Walls, Security Walls, Primark Walls. Borders and barriers.
A short walk round the old Primark building in the centre of Belfast being rebuilt after a fire on 28 August 2018.

Collaboration with Gerard Carson
Group Exhibtion PS2, Belfast 22 August 2019
Expanded Studio Project is artist-led and invites dialogue and exchange between fifteen Belfast-based visual artists and fifteen counterparts based at Primary in Nottingham. It offers a catalyst for new collaborations, production of new work, exposure to different skills and approaches, and an enhanced network of practitioners, organisations and audiences in another region of the UK. The Expanded Studio Project pairs artists from two cities to explore new approaches to collaboration and produce new work over a 5-month period of knowledge exchange and skill sharing. Culminating in a public event in two cities and online, this peer project creates opportunities to share methodologies and ideas, test new platforms to connect artists through artist-led collaboration.

This work was part of Expanded Studio Project https://esp2019-blog.tumblr.com/about

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