R  O  G  E  R    S  U  C  K  L  I  N  G


Humber Bridge
4m 28s

A re-edit of the original 2005 video. I am not a unicyclist but I acquired a part share in one when I was working as a technician on the construction of the Humber Bridge in the early 1970s. I learnt to ride and at that time had the intention of riding over the Bridge when it was completed. I moved on to another job before the Bridge was completed and hadn’t really ridden a unicycle since.
I intended this piece to be a reference back to that time, the production of the video over 30 years later became an event in its’ own right.
Thanks to Jack Suckling for all camera work.

Shown at Film Free and Easy, Gone Chunky event. 16 April 2021.
W  A  L  L
2m 33s
A micro-perspective on Donald Trump's Mexican wall. 
"BUILD THAT WALL!" Donald Trump Chants After Major Endorsement. 25 May 2016.
Trump: We will build a great wall along the southern border. 
Screened as part of Everything Flows. Millenium Gallery, Sheffield.

Walk to Work

SD video
3m 37s
The tickets charted my journey to work, both the physical journey and the time I spend each day, marked on the tickets, dates, times and cost. As a contrast to the automated printing, the inspectors, marks, initials and clips indicate a human intervention.
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